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Nadia Bazzaz | نادیا بزاز

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امتیاز دهی با کلیک روی ستاره ها، ۱ تا ۵، چپ به راست
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Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi
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Nadia a qualified Solicitor as well as an IAAS Level 2 Senior Immigration caseworker and supervisor with over 12 years of experience in immigration, asylum, human rights, family and public law.

Her specialties and expertise in the immigration and asylum field, including all types of Immigration, to include:

Entry Clearance, Further leave to remain applications of all types including spouses, civil partners, unmarried partners, children and elderly dependent relatives, domestic violence and Long Residence in the UK, Refugee/Asylum Law and Humanitarian Protection including unaccompanied minor asylum cases and Discretionary Leave to Remain; all asylum and Human Rights and Fresh Claims; Deportation and Removal, Family Reunion; Student visas; Bail applications and Temporary Admission; Human Trafficking; Deportation, Removal and Bail; all aspects of Business Immigration- Points Based System (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5); sponsor licence application and compliance, Sole representative,all types of EEA Applications including applications; Indefinite leave to remain and British Citizenship applications; Appeals and Judicial Review.

Nadia has a proven track record of delivering high quality and first class support to multi-national clients who in need of professional immigration advice.

Nadia speaks four languages fluently; English, Arabic, Farsi (Persian) and Dari (Afghani). Nadia formally volunteered with Citizen Advice Bureau and Bar Pro Bono Unit.

She also worked with a variety of human rights charities and international organisations, based both in the UK and abroad. She also presented immigration legal advice on a show called ‘Consultation’ on Alhiwar TV  (a Middle Eastern satellite channel).

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Nadia Bazzaz | نادیا بزاز