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Why $100 to $950 rate? has many high ranking pages and each one has its own pricing.


An immigration lawyer in Canada has the following choices:

  1. Listing on HOME page: $100 to $250
  2. Listing on IMMIGRATION page: $100 to $450
  3. Listing on CANADA page: $150 to $250
  • If you take HOME page listing, the rate is $100 to $250 (bottom to top of the page has different pricing)
  • Add IMMIGRATION page listing on for $150 to $500
  • Add CANADA page listing as well for $150 to $500

So your total payment can be anything from $100 to $950.

Your card wont be charged till we design and confirm your desired GOLD package.

I will call you to discuss and explain everything.

Thank you
Koosha Hashemi
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