Golnar Bokaei | گلنار بكائی
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Golnar Bokaei | گلنار بكائی
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Golnar Bokaei | گلنار بكائی

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Hoffman-Bokaei Solicitors
Suite 2 - Exhibition House, Addison Bridge Pl.
W14 8XP
United Kingdom


phone: 020 7433 2380

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قابل توجه ایرانیان مقیم خارج کشور

به هر دلیلی ملک و یا زمین شما در ایران مصاددره شده باشد ما قادر به تشکیل پرونده نسبت به بازگرداندن اموال شما و همچنین برای حقوق بازنشستگی هموطنان خارخ از کشور که حقوق انها به هر دلیلی قطع شده میتوانیم اقدام عمل نماییم برای اطلاعات بیشترخواهشمندیم که با خانم گلنار بکایی با شماره ۰۲۰۷۴۳۳۲۳۸۰تماس بگیرید۰

Golnar Bokaei is the Managing Partner of Hoffman-Bokaei Solicitors and the driving force behind the firm’s success. She has a wide range of expertise to include Family Law, Employment Law, Corporate Law, Criminal law, and Litigation.

Golnar is a charismatic, inspiring, warm and approachable Iranian businesswoman who demonstrates dedication, focus and commitment to achieve all obstacles and is able to meet tight deadlines on every goal she sets for herself whilst being attentive to the small details.

She gained various experiences whilst working with corporate clients which has strengthened her business acumen. She is a resourceful and dynamic individual with a passion for success. She has transfused her business skills into her work ethic, which delivers results.

Golnar also recognises the importance of her Iranian heritage and is an active member within her Iranian community. Golnar believes in providing service to the community and is a part of various organisations.

She is a Patron of LSCF, where she helps promote and fundraise for the charity. She is a trustee of the Barnet refugee service, and a member and officer of the Hendon Conservative Association, which she contributes to undertake tasks to help improvement of the local community.

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