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Description | توضیحات

Before embarking on her legal career and graduating from the College of Law, Attieh studied Molecular Genetics at King’s College London, where she scored the second highest mark at King’s College London, and Christian Theology at London School of Theology.

Attieh Fard : Top rated lawyer in the Sunday Times

She serves on the Board of Directors of a number of Non-Profit organisations and has conducted various seminars and conferences both in the UK and overseas. She has a special interest in Human Rights Law and has made submissions to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

In March 2015 Attieh was featured in the guide to the Sunday Telegraph as a top-rated solicitor in the UK.

She specialises in Immigration Law and has also represented clients in litigation matters. She has gained experience in:


Immigration and nationality cases, including: investor, entrepreneur, sole representative, all points-based tiers, assisting clients setting up points-based and Sponsorship Management Systems, and assisting them when they have been refused by the Home Office.

Personal immigration, including: marriage, student, refugee, and asylum.
Nationality cases, including: assisting and successfully obtaining citizenship and registration for complex and difficult cases.

Assisting charities, churches, and missionary organisations in all types of immigration and nationality matters.

Judicial Review

Prior to re-joining the Firm, Attieh also gained some experience in Litigation, Family and Leasehold Enfranchisement matters.

She is a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association and the Law Society’s International Action Team.

In her capacity as an Immigration Lawyer, she gave an opinion to Parliamentarians (MPs and Lords) on the issues that the Home Office and Judiciary should address when handling asylum seekers in the UK, in particular those whose cases are based on religious freedom.

Attieh was born in Tehran, Iran. She is fluent in Farsi and has a basic understanding of French and Arabic. Outside work, she enjoys singing and engaging with other creative activities.

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