Attieh Fard آتیه فرد

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Fard & Co Solicitors
105, Quatro House, Lyon Way, Frimley
Surrey GU16 7ER
United Kingdom
About Attieh Fard آتیه فرد

Fard & Co Solicitors is a modern law firm.

Its founder, Attieh Fard, was featured in Sunday Times as a top rated solicitor and has successfully represented a wide range of clients including high net worth individuals, local, national and international clients, businesses and charities.

Based in London and Surrey with access to meeting rooms around the world Fard & Co provides services to local, national and international clients and is not constrained by geography.

We advise a broad range of clients from mid-income to high net worth individuals, both nationally and abroad.

We value our clients’ trust, build strong personal and business relations with them to understand their requirements well and protect their interest fiercely. We deliver!

Social justice and accountability is our ethos, transparency with clients our commitment and their success our aim.

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Attieh Fard آتیه فرد

Attieh Fard آتیه فرد
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Attieh Fard آتیه فرد
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