Tina Sardary تینا سرداری

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ESQ., J.D., B.A.
Armenian, English, Farsi

The Law Office of Tina Sardary
655 N Central Ave
California CA 91203
United States
About Tina Sardary تینا سرداری

Tina Sardary, Esq.

Transactional lawyer located in Los Angeles County, California.

Tina Sardary is a transactional lawyer with expertise in building businesses’ legal foundations, from their inception and during company growth, in order to deter possible exposure to litigation and financial loss in the future. She also practices a similar method of building solid groundwork for the future for her individual clients.

We serve individuals as well as companies in matters pertaining to contracts, employment, business, state and federal compliance, bankruptcy, wills/living trusts, and mediation.

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Tina Sardary تینا سرداری

Tina Sardary تینا سرداری
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Tina Sardary تینا سرداری
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