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Suzy David | سوزان دیوید

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امتیاز دهی با کلیک روی ستاره ها، ۱ تا ۵، چپ به راست
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3.80 (5)
Practice area
BEc, LLM, MARN:0104743
English, Farsi
David Legal
1st Floor/3/43 Harris St
NSW 2165
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Suzy David is a partner and founding member of David Legal.

  • Admitted as an Attorney Solicitor, Barrister and Proctor in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 1985 and the High Court of Australia in 1986
  • Law Society of New South Wales Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law
  • Licensed Migration Agent (MARN:0104743)
  • Member of the Law Society of NSW
  • Member of the Franchise Council of Australia
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Suzy David | سوزان دیوید
(30 days)
Suzy David | سوزان دیوید