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English, Farsi, German
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Glöser Hechmat & Kollegen
Gartenfeldstraße 3

Description | توضیحات

زمینه‌های تخصصی و مهمترین حوزه‌های فعالیت دفتر وكالت گلوسر، آکر و حشمت از سال 1976 تا به امروز در کنار مشاوره موکلین در امور دعاوی مدنی، عبارت‌اند از:

  • حقوق خانوادگی
  • حقوق کار
  • حقوق معاهدات بین المللی
  • حقوق کیفری
  • حقوق امور راهنمائی و رانندگی
  • حقوق خارجیان و مهاجرین – حقوق اقامت و پناهندگی

روابط اقتصادی و تجاری بین کشورهای ایران و آلمان

به اعتقاد ما لازمه ارایه خدمات حقوقی با کیفیت بالا و عالی، تخصص است. از اینرو  هر یک از وکلای این دفتر با داشتن سال‌ها تجربه کاری در بخشی از زمینه‌های حقوقی تخصص یافته‌اند و در مورد تخصصی خود مسئولیت پی‌گیری دعاوی موکلین را به عهده می‌گیرند، ضمن آن که کار در دفتر مشترک و امکان استفاده دایم از تجربیات یکدیگر، به ویژه در امر پی‌گیری پرونده‌های پیچیده حقوقی، در بالا بردن کیفیت خدمات حقوقی ما نیز تاثیری مثبت دارد.


Welcome to the Glöser and Hechmat law practice!! We are an international law firm headquartered in Mainz. You can contact us in German, English, or Farsi (Persian). Our lawyers deal with areas of international contract law all over the world, as well as with commercial law, residence rights, and immigration law. Outside of Germany, we also provide advice within the fields of inheritance law and family law.

Lawyer Sasan Hechmat Sasan Hechmat studied law at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. In addition to working with Frankenthal’s Committee on Legal Affairs, he was, amongst other things, able to gain court case experience in both the civil and criminal divisions of Frankenthal District Court. As part of his Wahlstation (a period of compulsory practical training done by German law students at an organisation of their choice) , Mr Hechmat worked at the official German–Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a legal advisor in the field of international business and commercial law.

He is a permanent member of the DIHK (Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce), and since his Wahlstation, he has, in addition to other areas, specialised in international commercial and contract law. In addition, he expanded his specialist knowledge by completing an advanced six-month course for qualified lawyers in business and labour law.

Mr Hechmat now also specialises in family law and labour law, and his combination of legal expertise and psychological empathy makes him highly reliable and trustworthy as a lawyer. Finally, Mr Hechmat is one of the managing directors of Mainz’ Institut zur Förderung von Bildung und Integration (Institute for the Promotion of Education and Integration), which has won multiple awards.

Specialist areas: At the practice Mr Hechmat primarily looks after international commercial and business law, international contract law, immigration law, residence rights and family law, labour law, and general civil law.

He also speaks at labour law seminars organised by the practice. Please feel free to inform us about your needs by telephone or by email.

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