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Jaberi – Rechtsanwalt
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About Saeed Jaberi سعید جابری
سعید جابری
وکیل دادگستری
هامبورگ- آلمان
متخصص امور مهاجرتی
مهاجرت از طریق سرمایه گذاری و راه اندازی بیزینس
مهاجرت شغلی ویژه متخصصان
کارت آبی
ویزای الحاق به خانواده
اقامت دائم کشور آلمان
شهروندی و پاسپورت کشور آلمان

Immigration Lawyer in Germany

The Law Office of Saeed Jaberi located in Hamburg, Germany assists individuals and businesses from non -EU countries with all types of Immigration Services, in particular Business Immigration, skilled worker Immigration, Blue Card EU, Naturalization, and Family Immigration matters in Europe.

The philosophy of our law firm is to provide personal and customized services for clients in the areas of Citizenship-by-Investment, Residence-by-Investment and Blue Card. We pursue a methodological and strategic approach concurrently. As an experienced law firm, we know the ways and processes that must be followed in order to achieve a fast, positive and valuable result – so this will feed a significant benefit to our clients. We provide interdisciplinary legal advice in Labour Law, Economic Law, Administrative Law and Tax Law alongside with Immigration Law.

We offer legal advice on Europe Immigration law and international tax cases, e.g

  • Golden Visa Programs in Europe
  • visa (Schengen and national) in Germany
  • (temporary) residence permits in Germany
  • blue cards in Germany
  • Family Reunification (for spouse and children)
  • permits for economic activity (working permits by investment § 21 AufenthG.) in Germany
  • (unlimited) settlement permits in Germany
  • naturalization
  • second citizenship in Europe
  • tax residence, double taxation


Thanks to our international and multilingual legal team, we able to communicate with our international clients in many languages. Please feel free to contact and call us in German, English, Persian, Afghan, Tajik, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Since 2012, we have been successfully cooperating with partners and clients from the CIS countries, Middle East and South America interested in purchasing real estate, placing investments and establishing business in Germany.

If you have any questions or would like to make an initial call, please call us or send an e-mail via our contact form. We will immediately get in touch with you.


With best regards from Hamburg
Your team of the law firm Jaberi

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Saeed Jaberi سعید جابری

Saeed Jaberi سعید جابری
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Saeed Jaberi سعید جابری
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