Mohsen Rowhani | محسن روحانی

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امتیاز دهی با کلیک روی ستاره ها، ۱ تا ۵، چپ به راست
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Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi, French
Rowhani Law Group
31 E 32nd St
United States
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Mohsen Rowhaniمحسن روحانی
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Mohsen Rowhani is a general practice attorney who is also well-versed in both Economic Sanctions Laws and Immigration laws. If you are dealing with a family issue, a car accident, a landlord-tenant dispute, international trade concerns with sanctioned countries or persons, or any type of immigration issue, you can rely on an experienced attorney from RowhaniLaw to guide you through each stage of your case. We represent clients in personal injury, elder law and estate planning cases as well.

With almost 20 years of combined legal experience, the lawyers at RowhaniLaw are frequently called upon by legal services plans, unions and individuals to advise and represent them in a variety of areas. Since the formation of the firm, Mohsen Rowhani has built a reputation for being dedicated to representing clients and protecting their best interests. Whether it’s a landlord-tenant dispute, handling a divorce, drafting a will, personal injury case, transferring money abroad or into the United States or immigration issues, RowhaniLaw has your legal needs covered.

At RowhaniLaw we also represent individuals who are considering ending their marriage, and we will resolve domestic relations matters involving: Separation and Divorce; Spousal Maintenance: Child Support; Child Custody and Visitation; Property Settlements; and Orders of Protection.

Many firms and individuals across the United States rely on our experienced business and immigration consulting services to solve difficulties and seek opportunities. Our firm has also impressive qualifications and extensive experience addressing challenging sanctions-related cases.

Because international trade and immigration law are both federal in nature, Mohsen can assist clients anywhere in or outside the United States. Our goal is to offer effective, high-quality legal services at an affordable price. We are dedicated to growth through providing outstanding services to our clients. Clients are encouraged to ask questions and stay up to date on their cases. Emails and calls are returned and responded to as quickly as possible, usually by the next working day.

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Mohsen Rowhani | محسن روحانی
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