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Khanbabai Immigration Law
115 Main Street. Suite 115 B North Easton
Massachusetts MA 02356
United States


phone: +1 508 297 2065
fax: +1 508 587 1160

Description | توضیحات

Attorney Mahsa Khanbabai’s law practice specializes in U.S. Immigration Law. We provide personal attention and service assisting businesses, universities, hospitals, families and individuals through the myriad of immigration law. Our goal is to have a positive impact on each client’s life and to make the immigration process as simple and straightforward as possible for our busy clients.

We offer a full range of immigration services assisting clients with obtaining green cards, work visas, asylum & refugee petitions, J-1 waivers, citizenship applications, deportations, adoptions, student visas, as well as other immigration matters.

Our office has expertise in advising and representing hospitals, clinics, and international medical graduates with health care related immigration matters and J-1 visa issues. Our special interest and years of experience in medical and business immigration allows us to facilitate our clients’ employment and immigration needs.

US Immigration Law is federal which allows our office to provide services to clients throughout the 50 States and 2 Territories, as well as legal representation before the US Consulates abroad. We appear with clients for interviews and hearings before the Immigration Service, the Immigration Court, and American consulates abroad.

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