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Mahdis Kaeni | مهدیس کاینی

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امتیاز دهی با کلیک روی ستاره ها، ۱ تا ۵، چپ به راست
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Practice area
English, Farsi, Spanish
3913, 1516 N Broadway,
Santa Ana
CA 92706
United States
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به آمریکا خوش آمدید

Welcome to the United States 45 years of combined legal practice


تخصص ما

  • Citizenship/Naturalization
  • Permanent residency
  • Deportations
  • Asylum
  • Work permits
  • Nonimmigrant visa – for temporary visits such as for tourism, business, work, visiting family, or studying.
  • Immigrant visa – for people to immigrate to the United States
  • Athlete, amateur or professional (competing for prize money only)
  • Au pair (exchange visitor)
  • Australian professional specialty
  • Border Crossing Card: Mexico
  • Business visitor
  • CNMI-only transitional worker
  • Crewmember
  • Diplomat or foreign government official
  • Domestic employee or nanny – must be accompanying a foreign national employer
  • Employee of a designated international organization or NATO
  • Exchange visitor
  • Foreign military personnel stationed in the United States
  • Foreign national with extraordinary ability in Sciences, Arts, Education,
  • Business or Athletics
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professional: Chile, Singapore
  • International cultural exchange visitor
  • Intra-company transferee
  • Medical treatment, visitor for
  • Media, journalist
  • NAFTA professional worker: Mexico, Canada
  • Performing athlete, artist, entertainer
  • Physician
  • Professor, scholar, teacher (exchange visitor)
  • Religious worker
  • Specialty occupations in fields requiring highly specialized knowledge
  • Student: academic, vocational
  • Temporary agricultural worker
  • Temporary worker performing other services or labor of a temporary or seasonal nature.
  • Tourism, vacation, pleasure visitor
  • Training in a program not primarily for employment
  • Treaty trader/treaty investor
  • Transiting the United States
  • Victim of Criminal Activity
  • Victim of Human Trafficking
  • Nonimmigrant (V) Visa for Spouse and Children of a Lawful Permanent
  • Resident (LPR)
  • Spouse of a U.S. Citizen
  • Spouse of a U.S. Citizen awaiting approval of an I-130 immigrant petition
  • Fiancé(e) to marry U.S. Citizen & live in U.S.
  • Intercountry Adoption of Orphan Children by U.S. Citizens
  • Certain Family Members of U.S. Citizens
  • Certain Family Members of Lawful Permanent Residents
  • Employment-Based Immigrants, including (preference group):
  • Priority workers
  • Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability
  • Professionals and Other Workers
  • Employment Creation/Investors
  • Certain Special Immigrants:
  • Iraqi and Afghan Translators/Interpreters
  • Iraqis Who Worked for/on Behalf of the U.S. Government
  • Afghans Who Worked for/on Behalf of the U.S. Government
  • Other Immigrants
  • Diversity Immigrant Visa
  • Returning Resident


Kaeni Law Group’s philosophy is providing people with honesty, integrity, excellent customer service with over 45 years of combined experience. We believe that communication with our clients is essential and the reason so many people refer us to their family and friends when they need an honest, experienced and resourceful lawyer.

We accept Immigration, accident and personal injury cases of all sizes, and give each one the full support and personal attention of our legal staff.

We follow every reasonable lead, hire the best available experts, and utilize the most updated and innovative technology to give you the edge over the opposition. Our secret is thorough case preparation and attention to the smallest details pertaining to each case.   That’s why most of our cases are favorably settled out of court without going to trial.

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Mahdis Kaeni | مهدیس کاینی

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