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College of Law NSW
English, Farsi
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Unit 5, level 1 186-190 Church Street
NSW 2141
phone: +61 2 9635 5636
mobile: +61 2 9238 2704
fax: +61 2 9687 3518

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Fardin Nikjooا

Our firm is a prominent multi-disciplines law-firm where Fardin Nikjoo is our expert immigration lawyer and also registered migration agent. Whether it is a simple application for a visa, refusal of an application for visa or cancellation of visa, Fardin is the lawyer you need by your side.

To achieve the best result for his clients, Fardin’s job is always to navigate through complex merits and legal issues.

Throughout his career, he has helped people in the community obtain Australian visas for themselves and their loved ones. Regardless of being a business person or asylum seeker, in or out of detention, Fardin has got them visas.

He has appeared, representing his clients, before the Federal Circuit and Federal Court of Australia as well as tribunals. He is frequently representing his clients before the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (MR-Division), previously Migration and Refugee Tribunals, as well as the newly established Immigration Assessment Authority.

Cannot emphasise enough that in light of current convoluted changes to Australian migration laws designed to trap asylum seekers along the way, you need a lawyer standing beside you when facing the current Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Duton MP – his department.

وکیل و مشاور رسمی مهاجرت
وکیل دادگاه های ایالتی، فدرال و دادگاه عالی استرالیا

  • Member of Law Society of New South Wales
  • Lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW, the Federal Court and the High Court of Australia
  • Registered Member of Migration Agents Registration Authority


Australia Visas

  • Business skilled
  • Skilled Migrants
  • Family -Partner
  • Refugee and humanitarian


  • Refusal and Cancellation
  • Federal Court of Australia


Our full Australia visa application service includes the following:

  • Providing overall application strategy
  • Advice on required documentation for the application
  • Certification of all copies of documents to be submitted with the application
  • Preparation of necessary forms for the application
  • Assistance with skills assessment
  • Arranging sponsorship/nomination by State or Territory Government where appropriate
  • Lodgment of visa application
  • Maintaining correspondence with the DIAC or other relevant bodies
  • Giving you updates on the progress of your case during processing


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