Hassan Amirshahi دکتر حسن امیرشاهی

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پروانه وکالت ۱۰۸۵۰
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Law Offices of Dr. Hassan Amirshahi & Assoc.
Qaem Maqam-e-Farahani
About Hassan Amirshahi دکتر حسن امیرشاهی

Services of Law Offices of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI & Assoc. include:

  • Legal research (both field and desk research) and advice on all areas and aspects of Iranian commercial (including, but not limited to, shipping matters, aviation and maritime laws as well as insurance, social security, taxation and labor laws) and financial legislation as well as practice. We can also prepare helpful written submissions for clients who do not plan to be represented by counsel.
  • Market study, credibility and status report.
  • Drawing up of contracts (including, but not limited to, buyback deals, BOT/BOOT ventures), agency and franchise agreements.
  • Intellectual property (filing, annuity, changes, assignment and licensing of patents as well as watching services; filing, three dimensional marks, collection marks, renewals, changes, assignment, licensing of trademarks; anti counterfeiting investigation as well as registration [and reservation of cc TLDs] of domain name, software law and entertainment law).
  • Organizing partnerships and joint ventures with Iranian business entities.
  • Settlement of disputes, at any stages of cases, through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, minitrial and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) means to ensure, if available and advantageous, a more economical, less adversarial, less formal and more rapid resolution of disputes.
  • Formation, registration and liquidation of companies and branch offices both in Mainland Iran and special economic and free trade zones.
  • Civil and/or penal litigation.
  • Legal and commercial representation.
  • Commercial claims  & receivables collection & recovery
  • Acting as advisor and consultant in private international law.
  • Immigration and emigration consultancy.
  • Due diligence, private investigation (both in vitro and in situ), risk analysis and management
  •  Verification, certification & authentication of documents & signatures as well as acting as oath commissioners  and affidavit takers


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Hassan Amirshahi دکتر حسن امیرشاهی

Hassan Amirshahi دکتر حسن امیرشاهی
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Hassan Amirshahi دکتر حسن امیرشاهی
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