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About Arash Izadi آرش ایزدی

دکتر آرش ایزدی وکیل پایه یک دادگستری ایرانی مقیم در چین و داور مرکز داوری تجاری بین المللی شانگهای
ارائه خدمات تخصصی حقوقی و قضایی در کشور چین
متخصص در امور قراردادهی تجاری بین المللی
مدرس دانشگاه جیائوتنگ شانگهای
فوق دکترای حقوق تجاری بین المللی از شانگهای




International Law

Dr. Arash Izadi is qualified Attorney at Law in Iran and holder of the Practice License number 45840 from Bar Association of Iran. He obtained his Doctorate in International Law from Xiamen University of China(厦门大学)and received his Postdoctoral Certificate from Shanghai Jiaotong University of China (上海交通大学)at 2004 he finished his Bachelor degree in Law then immediately after graduation continued his study and received his Master Degree in Law at 2008 . Arash maintains broad knowledge in litigation and International dispute settlement with emphasis on commercial, investment, Business and Contract disputes.

He is listed as Arbitrator at Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce (ACIC) , Shanghai International Arbitration Center ( SHIAC) , China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) , Thailand International Arbitration Center (THAC) , Caspian Arbitration Society and several Arbitration Centers.

Arash Izadi is Partner at Izadi Law firm since 2009, in Tehran. Previously, he Associated and Interned at various Law Firms, Courts and Legal Organizations in Iran since 2006. He also teaches international business law, Public International Law, and Private International Law at the Law Faculty in Tehran, Iran.

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Arash Izadi آرش ایزدی

Arash Izadi آرش ایزدی
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Arash Izadi آرش ایزدی
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