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Alaleh Kamran | آلاله کامران

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English, Farsi
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25 years experience in Criminal defense
federal & state criminal defense attorney
Lecturer, Radio Host, Citizen Journalist, Blogger

Law Offices of Alaleh Kamran

Over 25 years of Criminal Defense Experience in State and Federal Courtrooms, ranging from petty misdemeanors to complicated financial structuring schemes. Experienced in Misdemeanors [DUI, Domestic Violence, Gun Charges, and felony trials, including Murders, Stalking, Criminal Threats, Multi Kilo Drug Trafficking, Title Washing, Money Laundering, Structuring, Banking Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Workers Compensation Fraud, Cigarette Tax Fraud.

Emphasis on Criminal, white collar defense, violent crimes, three strikes, immigration deportation relief, opium cases, drug trafficking, trademark counterfeiting defense, Federal seizure and Forfeitures, Domestic violence, Health Care fraud.

Federal Experience in New York, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Nevada and California.


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Alaleh Kamran | آلاله کامران