Sara Nooraei سارا نورائی

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About Sara Nooraei سارا نورائی

We are a solicitor based practice with a focus on transactional real-estate matters, wills & estates and corporate law.

Corporate Services

Business Organization & Re-Organization
Government Filings & Corporate Book Reviews
Minute Book Maintenance
Share / Asset Purchase Transactions
Employment Agreements, NDAs and NCAs

Real-Estate Services

Residential & Commercial Transactions
Purchase & Sale
Mortgage & Refinance
Title Transfer
Lease Agreement Consultation & Preparation

Wills & Estates Services

Wills, Trusts & Powers of Attorney
Estate Administration
Estate Planning
Charitable Giving

Small Claim Court Matters

We represent a select number of our clients in civil litigation matters. Contact our office for further information.

Sara Nooraei سارا نورائی
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Sara Nooraei سارا نورائی
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