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Reza Vatandoust | دکتر وطن دوست

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امتیاز دهی با کلیک روی ستاره ها، ۱ تا ۵، چپ به راست
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Practice area
Level 22, Salesforce Tower, 180 George St
NSW 2000
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Reza Vatandoustدکتر وطن دوست
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Practice areas

  • Banking and finance – بانکداری و امور مالی
  • Commercial/corporate law – قوانین تجارت
  • Competition – رقابت و حمایت از مصرف کننده
  • Construction – ساخت و ساز و مهندسی
  • Cyber risks – خطرات سایبر
  • Defamation – افترا
  • Energy and resources – انرژی و منابع
  • Intellectual property – مالکیت معنوی
  • International trade – تجارت بین المللی
  • Litigation – وضوح دادخواهی و اختلاف
  • Data protection – حفاظت از داده ها
  • Real estate – مشاور املاک
  • Suppression سرکوب و عدم نشر
  • Wills/probate – وصیت نامه و انحصار وراثت
  • Workplace relations – روابط محل کار و اشتغال


About us

Vatandoust is a commercial law firm headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with operations across the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. The firm is considered a key player in the provision of legal services in terms of the applicability and relevancy of laws, keeping abreast of the latest legislative and regulatory changes, statutory interpretation and client satisfaction.


We offer comprehensive solutions to our clients and focus on solving their most important problems. Vatandoust operates in a multilingual capacity and provides services in English, Persian, Russian, German, Italian and Turkish. The firm works closely with community-based lawyers and with not-for-profit clients to understand the legal needs of people in the community and to identify clients who may benefit from legal assistance.


We regularly engage in pro-bono work. We work with the best Australian and international businesses and individuals. We allocate equal importance to small and big matters. Our ability to successfully solve complex issues has helped us attract many clients. We enjoy working with entrepreneurial individuals and businesses. We value innovation and build strong partnerships with our clients.

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Reza Vatandoust | دکتر وطن دوست

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Reza Vatandoust | دکتر وطن دوست
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