Narges Jannesari | نرگس جان نثاری
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Narges Jannesari | نرگس جان نثاری

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Practice areas
Narges Jannesari law Office
Unit 14, No.10, Tababn Alley, Nafte Jonobi St, Mirdamad St
About Narges Jannesari | نرگس جان نثاری

General details about our law firm are as following :

9 personnel including

    1. attorney at law – 30 years experience -Doctorate in international law of Toulouse Franceulouse France
    2. attorney law firm – 10 years experience – Master of International Law
    3. attorney at law – 10 years experience -Bachelor of Law
    4. attorney at law – 8 years experience – M.A in private law
    5. trainee lawyer – master’s degree in Private Law
    6. trainee lawyer – law degree
    7. trainee lawyer – law degree
    8. Master in Private Law from the University of Michigan America as a legal executive
    9. executive manager – 12 years experience And some persons as secretary and support staff.



We have three specialist areas :

Here are our legal services:

Wills, Real Estates, Residential Conveyancing, inheritance and Debt Relief, Company Commercial and Contracts comprises Corporate Law, Private Equity, Procurement, Trademark, Shareholders Rights, employment and Pensions, Business Law , bankruptcy, International Cases .

We also have experience in dealing with:
Iran-United States Claims Tribunal ( international arbitral tribunal ) as a counselor of one of Iranian foundations , also Iranian chemical weapon victims case in Netherland , and other companies and private Institute cases are in charge of our International Department .

Each of our departments contains specialist partner-led teams ensuring that we are able to resource high quality specialist knowledge and provide a comprehensive service to our clients.

Also we conclude other cases such as criminal family ,etc. by temporary teams.

Narges Jannesari certificate

Narges Jannesari certificate


Narges Jannesari | نرگس جان نثاری
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Narges Jannesari | نرگس جان نثاری
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