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Mahyar Ghassemian | مهیار قاسمیان

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A premier construction and business litigation firm, Ghassemian Law Group offers dynamic lawyers and cost-efficient services to Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego,California. Our work centers on construction, business and personal injury litigation, as well as transactional matters.

Whether you need help securing your business, entering into a contract or recovering from a construction site accident, you need experience and customized strategies to tackle your issues effectively. Don’t let our size fool you, we have in our arsenal years of experience representing some of the nation’s largest businesses, builders, contractors and homeowners in litigation and transactional matters.

If that doesn’t convince you of our experience, maybe our 99% settlement rate will. We produce real results, without the added cost. Period. And that is only one of the many perks that comes with having an experienced small firm on your side. We invite you to see what other benefits a value added partnership with us could have in store for you.

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Mahyar Ghassemian | مهیار قاسمیان