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Chegini Law Office
#500 - 7030 Woodbine Avenue
Ontario L3R 6G2


phone: +1 905 946 0933
fax: +1 905 946 8971

Description | توضیحات

Real Estate Law We provide high quality services to banks, financial institutions, developers, small and medium businesses and individuals.

Our Residential Real Estate Law services include purchase and sale transactions, title transfers, refinancing, institutional and private mortgages, collateral (second) mortages, secured lines of credit, vacant land acquisition, subdivision, planning and leasing.

We prepare, review and negotiate Agreement’s of Purchase and Sale on both the standard OREA template and that of various builders and developers.

We promptly review condominium status certificates and documents. Our Commercial Real Estate Law services include purchase and sale of commerical property and vacant lands, the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of both Agreement’s of Purchase and Sale and commercial leases. Business & Corporate Law

We understand the importance of identifying your business goals. We provide timely, effective and cost efficient services to our clients.


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