Koroush Asadi کوروش اسدی

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Bsc, Pgd,GDL, LPC and MA in Law
English, Farsi
Practice areas
Parsiv Law
11 Lamb's Conduit Passage, Holbirn
United Kingdom
About Koroush Asadi کوروش اسدی

Koroush is the only Iranian legal consultant with nearly 10 years experience in social security law (PIP, ESA, TAX CREDITS, Overpayment’s and etc.), social housing, commercial properties, landlord and tenants disputes and litigation in the central London, Holborn—CITY.

Koroush studied his LPC and MA in law at BPP Law School/University in Holborn and founded his own company, Pars International Vision (PIV) in Holborn London in 2020.

Koroush is also a significant part of Highland Solicitors.

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Koroush Asadi کوروش اسدی

Koroush Asadi کوروش اسدی
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Koroush Asadi کوروش اسدی
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