Honiyeh Sarpand  هانیه سرپند
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Honiyeh Sarpand هانیه سرپند

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Kondori Moorad & Niesen LLP
4085 Chain Bridge Rd #401
Virginia VA 22030
United States
About Honiyeh Sarpand هانیه سرپند

If you have any legal issue in the State of Maryland or any Immigration concern I am here to help. When you seek legal counsel for important personal or business challenges, you want a lawyer who will do more than give you advice and then walk away.

We offer a hands-on approach — taking proactive measures to help clients protect their legal rights. Whether you’re a business looking to thrive or a family seeking to preserve its wealth, we strive to be active partners in your success.

Personalized attention — no legal solution works for everybody. By devoting personal attention to each matter, we develop detailed strategies tailored to your goals.

Affordable fees — Throughout our work, we never lose focus on your overall well-being. This includes answering your questions promptly and maintaining cost-effective rates.

Honiyeh Sarpand هانیه سرپند
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