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Arpèee Law Firm
37 Rue d'Antibes


phone: + 33 4 93 99 64 41

Description | توضیحات


  • متاسفانه در مورد پناهندگی کمکی از دست ما بر نمی آید.
  • تخصص ما فقط ویزای سرمایه گذاری است. هزینه : ۷۰۰۰ یورو.
  • مشاوره فقط با تعین وقت قبلی و پرداخت ۳۰۰ یورو.
  • از مشاوره از طریق ایمیل معذوریم.

Please note

  • We only take care of investor visas (minimum to be invested 500.000 EUROS) and our fees start from 7000 EUROS.
  • No refugee or any other visa.
  • Consultations are made only by appointment and are charged 300 EUROS by credit card.
  • No consultation by e-mail

Our law firm has gained a strong experience in an international environment.

We are involved in such diverse areas as the real estate law, business law or family law.

Dina BASSIRI the managing partner, has lived several years in Dubai and made frequent trips the United States.

She has been graduated from IAE d’Aix-en-Provence as well as the law school.

For this reason, she masters both the economic and legal aspects of each question. She will advise you effectively taking into account the particularity of your situation.

We are a member of the American Bar Association.

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