Bahram Madaen | بهرام مدائن

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About Bahram Madaen | بهرام مدائن

Madaen Law Inc. is a professional corporation formed to served our client in the field of Business. We provide Paymaster service to the investor who intending to invest in a project in the USA.

We provide free consultation to clients intending to obtain residency through investment, work, study, or other ways. We also provide other legal needs such as providing immigration services, litigation in the state and federal courts, and any other needs.

  1. Family Law
    • Iranian Marriage and Divorce with records
    • Summary Dissolution
    • Dissolution of Marriage
    • Paternity
  2. Bankruptcy
    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  3. Loan Modification
  4. foreclosure
  5. Landlord/ tenant


Dr.Bahram Madaen Attorney at law and His legal Assistant Golshad Sadeghishad



Bahram Madaen | بهرام مدائن
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Bahram Madaen | بهرام مدائن
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