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The Law Office of M. Ray Arvand

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· Immigration USA | مهاجرت امریکا

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The Law Office of M. Ray Arvand
21st Floor, 26 Broadway
New York
New York 10004
United States
Fax: +1 212 208 0983

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Our Firm
The Law Office of M. Ray Arvand, P.C. was founded by M. Ray Arvand, Esq. Mr. Arvand’s sole area of practice is in Immigration Law.

Mr. Arvand has a passion for Immigration Law and helping his clients navigate the labyrinthian immigration process. He strives every day to make the American Dream a reality for his clients.

Coming from an immigrant background himself, he knows the hardships that many families who are new to America face on a daily basis from adjusting to American life to finding gainful employment to support a family and finding a good home to raise children.

The firm dedicates its time to its clients. Our dedication is reflected the work-product and our clients’ satisfaction.

If you have an Immigration matter, no matter how complex, call us and arrange a consultation to review your matter. You’ve got a problem, we’ve got a solution. Call today!

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