Dr. Dr. Iranbomy | دکتر ایرانبومی
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Dr. Dr. Iranbomy | دکتر ایرانبومی
Iranboomy Law

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Practice areas

· Business Law
· Criminal Law
· Family & Divorce
· Immigration Germany | مهاجرت آلمان
· Wills & Estate Planning

Contact details

Iranboomy Law
Bockenheimer Landstraße 17
Fax: +49 69 9541 8680

Description | توضیحات

Dr. Dr. Iranbomy Law Office can offer his clients optimal legal support in Criminal, Business, Family and inheritance matters.

The prime areas of expertise focus on alternative conflict-management resolutions, customer`s cross-border foreign direct and portfolio investment transactions, real estate, and financing international projects.

Furthermore, Dr. Dr. Iranbomy Law office has values experiences in international family conflict management regulation, inheritance and child-custody issues, as well as cultural-diversity including religious issues.

Experiences with cooperation with Interpol and Crinminal Police, FBI, BKA, CID in Dubai, USA, Europe makes the success for clients much more easer.

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